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My Name is Johannes Ebner and go by the alias "Structed" on the Internet.

I work as a Cloud Solution Manager in the Gaming Developer Relations team at Microsoft.

Check the ABOUT ME page to find out more.

Deploy Statiq to Azure Static Web App

Azure Static Web Apps just went GA a few days ago. I took the opportunity to deploy my blog as a "SWA" (Static Web App). In this post, I am writing about my experience with the service and how you can deploy a Statiq-based site.


Setting up my Website & Blog using Statiq

I have wished for my own site & blog for a very long time. Yet, I am clearly not a full-stack or even remotely a frontend developer. I am classic backend guy - the sort of which one would now call DevOps engineer or SRE.


Windows BitLocker with a TPM

I wanted to use my private PC for work, but never actually did it because I would have had to join Microsoft's Azure Active Directory and get GPOs pushed on my private machine. Not gonna happen.